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The latest innovation in Ludo game app is the LudoRally where along with the fun element of the classic Ludo, amazing graphic designs are also added. Explore unforgettable teammate matches, different board themes, and game pieces for a fun way to play an old game. Rejoin the fun with the LudoRally game!
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Why Choose Ludo Rally ?

Experience the Thrill of Ludo Like Never Before
Classic Gameplay Enjoy the familiar charm of traditional Ludo, now available in a convenient digital format.
Play With Friends Connect with friends for pass-and-play sessions offline or create private rooms for online matches.
Easy to Learn With intuitive controls & straightforward rules, Ludo Rally is accessible to players of all skill levels.
Single-Player Challenges Test your skills against the computer and hone your strategy in solo play.
Multiplayer Options Challenge players worldwide in online multiplayer mode.
Endless Fun With no ads and completely free to play, Ludo Rally offers hours of entertainment without interruption.

Explore Ludo Rally in Action

A Sneak Peek into the Exciting World of Ludo Rally

How to get started on Ludo Rally

Get started with Ludo Rally in 3 simple steps!
Step 1 Download the Game Download Ludo Rally from the Google Play Store.
Step 2 Launch the App Launch the app and create your player profile.
Step 3 Select a game mode Choose between: pass-and-play, online multiplayer, private or single-player against the computer.
Step 4 Confirm settings Invite friends to join you for a game or jump into a match with players from around the world. Add bots to add more excitement.
Step 5 Start playing & win the game Roll the dice, move your pawns strategically, and aim to be the first to reach the finish line!


Your questions answered
Yes. You can download Ludo Rally for free from Google Play Store.
The fundamental principle of playing ludo involves navigating your tokens around the board, guided by the outcome of your dice roll.
Invite your friends to join you in a game, either by sending them a link or using Pass n’ Play mode to play locally.
Ludo Rally supports 2-4 players, with options for pass-and-play, online multiplayer, and single-player against the computer.
You can play in Pass n’ Play mode with your friends locally, or offline single-player matches against computer-controlled opponents.
You can invite friends to join your game by creating a private room and sharing the room code with them. Alternatively, you can connect with friends through online matchmaking.
No, Ludo Rally is completely free to play and does not contain any in-game purchases or advertisements.
We are committed to providing regular updates and enhancements to Ludo Rally based on player feedback and our development roadmap.

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